How to Promote a Business Blog

Every marketing manager dreams of having a business blog with thousands of loyal readers. But only a few can achieve it. How can you promote your business blog and convince people to link to you, write about you, comment to you, and tell their friends? Here are a few great tips to get you started.

Get great content! It’s an often overlooked step, but it’s crucial. Your business blog won’t bring in readers unless it’s worth reading, so you need to create good writing. Fortunately, every business owner can bring special insights to a blog, so it’s a question of casting those insights in a way that keeps readers coming back. You might want to use a ghostwriter to get the content perfect — even if it’s expensive (a good ghostwriter may charge $50 to $500 per post), it’s often a better use of your time. Your business blog needs to be your authentic views, but that doesn’t mean you should spend hours laboring over a post that another writer could bang out in twenty minutes.
Promote, promote, promote! Most business blogs just sit there, gathering moss instead of getting links. If you want your blog to be read, comment on similar blogs and link back to it. This will show that your business blog is an active participant in the community, and bring in new readers.
Find out what people are talking about, and talk back to them. You can use your business blog as a platform for answering the questions people pose online in your area of expertise. For example, if you’re a graphic designer, you can write an authoritative post on which font choices help people generate sales. This also gives you a way to promote your business blog: when people ask questions, you can link to your business blog to show them the answers.
Optimize for Google! Content is king, and promotion is almost as important, but it’s hard to neglect the importance of Google in your blog’s traffic. Make sure your title tags and header tags reflect the keywords you want Google to associate with your blog, and avoid giving competitors any link-love unless you have to. Your business blog can be a good tool for bringing in leads, but if those leads don’t know where to find you, it won’t be much help.
Be patient. Most business blogs take a while to get started, and even longer to bring in serious traffic. If your business blog doesn’t show the results you want, give it time. Maintaining a business blog shows real commitment to your business, and even if it doesn’t succeed right away, it’s a good way to get your thoughts down on paper.
A business blog is an investment, but it pays off in industry goodwill, great information, and high traffic from potential customers. Writing it can feel like a chore, but it’s a fun way to stand up on your soapbox and show people what you really think. And in a tough economy, it’s sometimes just a great way to keep busy!
Tucker Carver is an experienced project manager, with a BA f

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